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Plasmulator, Cheap Tools Reduce Emissions

Engineering exhaust to reduce motor vehicle emissions is not new. Several years ago there was the discovery of the use of zeolite and plasma to reduce emissions. However, the findings do not get much response because of the costs for engineering and maintaining its function.

Now, there is another innovation that is more effective and efficient than the use of zeolite, namely plasmulator. The principle of this new innovation is quite simple because only based on the use of positively charged electrode and negative to attract other substances which charged different. In short, such as the ability of a magnet to attract metal.

Plasmulator is made from simple ingredients, namely the former beverage cans, small propeller made of metal, and the armature DC 12 V. Used beverage cans precisely cut one then the other side of the plasma and the armature inserted in it. Plasma itself contains a cable with wrapping that has been peeled rubber and metal-based electrodes, associated with the outer side of tin cans with screw. (more…)