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Pemahaman TTL (Time To Live) Di DNS Records

Cara memahami mengenai TTL di DNS record sebenarnya cukup simple, Pada saat mensetting A Record di DNS domain baik itu menggunakan CPanel, maka akan ada form untuk mengisi berapa value dari TTL. TTL adalah singkatan dari Time to Live bukan Time To Lease, yang merupakan waktu untuk berlangsungnya perubahan DNS.

Satuan yang digunakan adalah detik alias second. Nilai default untuk TTL DNS umumnya adalah 86400 detik atau 24 jam. Nilai TTL 86400 akan berarti bahwa, jika catatan DNS sudah diubah, maka DNS server di seluruh dunia masih bisa menampilkan nilai lama dari cache mereka sampai 24 jam setelah perubahan. Read more

Godaddy Renewal Promo codes for August 2010 – 2011

For anyone who will order web hosting or a domain, whether new or renewal can use non-expiring promo codes from GoDaddy. Here are the Godaddy 35% off renewals promo codes for August 2010-2011. These are the only 2 Godaddy 35% off promo codes that work to renew your .com at $7.48. All the other codes that were out there have been pulled after July 1 2010. These Godaddy 35% off promo codes could be used to register new domains @ 35% off. ( These codes are an ongoing promotion no expiration )

WALLET412 – 35% off .com renewals/new registration
POSTER412 – 35% Off .COM Domains

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List GoDaddy coupon code valid june 2010

List GoDaddy coupon code valid june 2010

To use your valid discount June 2010 Go Daddy coupon codes, all you need to do is click on the appropriate code above, and the selected discount will be automatically applied to your shopping cart at checkout. Alternatively when you come to the ‘Review your shopping cart‘ page enter one of these promo codes into the field marked Enter your promo or source code then click the Apply Code button.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page in your browser so you can come back and grab the codes in the future. Our voucher codes can be used again and again, and because of our special relationship with Go Daddy, they will not expire.

List of promo codes

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