Price and Spesification Nokia C1-00

Nokia C1-00 with dual sim card has dimensions of 107.1 mm x 45 mm x 15 mm, weight 73 grams, dual band 900/1800MHz, 3.5mm audio slot, FM radio, torch function and long battery life (13 hours talktime, 48 days standby .) That must be considered is the second SIM card is not active at the same time. The user must press a button to switch the SIM card you want to use.

Nokia rumored to be the fourth phone at a price of $ 37 for Nokia C1-00, $ 55 for Nokia C2-00, $ 48 for Nokia C1-01, $ 43 for Nokia C1-02. Still not known which country will be found to this phone first, just wait this news developments. Read more

Panasonic Digital Camcorder NV-MD10000GC

Panasonic Semi-pro camcorder MD-10000 Panasonic output is already very familiar and old poor across the world broadcasting, wedding documentation, cinematography up to the world of education. Showing the overall shape and strong professional impression. Completeness of its features are similar to professional camcorders video recorder. The interface is equally with other expensive camcorder.

3CCD Camera System, Crystal Engine, Shoulder-Type Design, One Touch Navigation, Manual Focus Ring, 0 lux colour night view, 10x optical zoom & 500x digital zoom, Super image stabilizer, DV IN/OUT Terminal, 5-mode programme AE (sports, portrait, low light, spot light, and surf & snow), SP/LP recording, Back light compensation, Cinema mode (16:9 aspect ratio), Infra-red remote controller, Triple Beuty (Colour, Detail & Gradation). Read more

Jalak Bali

Jalak Bali (Bali Starling), one of the bird species that are not foreign to our ears. This bird is no more than 25 cm, pure white fur with the tip of the tail and wings black. The blue color around the eyes and feet make it pretty, though Bali starlings attracted many wonderful people because of the booms. Bali Starling is endemic because animals can only be found in Bali. However, the success of captive breeding makes Bali starlings can now be found everywhere: Europe, Japan, Java, even though they live in a cage.
Bali Starling
In its original habitat, Bali starlings are very prone to hunt so that the population estimated to live a dozen. In addition, the environmental damage that still exists in West Bali National Park also inhibit the growth of these bird populations. Not surprisingly, a recent survey conducted in early 2005 found only five male starlings bali in nature. Read more

Eiffel Tower France

Eiffel is the tallest building in Paris and one of the world famous structure. More than 200,000,000 people have visited the tower since its construction in 1889, including 6,719,200 people in 2006, making it a monument to cost the most visited in the world. Including the antenna as high as 24 m (79 ft), this structure has a height 325 m (1063 ft) since 2000, the same as conventional building storey 81.

When the tower was completed in 1889, it became the tallest structure in the world, who retained the title until 1930 when the Chrysler Building in New York City (319 m – 1047 feet) is finished. The tower is now the fifth-tallest in France and the highest in Paris, with the second highest structure of the Tour Montparnasse (210 m – 689 ft), although it will be surpassed by Tour AXA (225.11 m – 738.36 ft).

The metal structure of the Eiffel Tower weighs 7300 tons while the entire structure including non-metal components weighing 10,000 tons. Depending on temperature, away from the sun spire to 18 cm (7 inches) due to expansion of iron on the part facing the sun. The tower is also swinging 6-7 cm (2-3 inches) in a windy atmosphere. Read more