iPhones 4 Unlocked

Apple predicted would harass Nokia in its own backyard. This was after the release of 4 versions unlocked iPhone in the mobile market of Finland, where Nokia originated.

I wonder what Apple chose background freefall in a country which is identical to Nokia’s. It could be, this is company-specific strategy was made by Steve Jobs to demolish the Nokia in the ‘nest’ own.

Thus, the Finnish mobile phone users can buy the iPhone 4 without bond contract must be charged as normal data packets used in Apple when it sells its products in other countries. Read more

Upcoming Space Hotel

Tired of the sights that’s it? Get ready for a Russian company was to design a space hotel. Orbital Technology, a company headquartered in Moscow, this weekend, told the Daily Mail, hoping to take advantage of business opportunities in the field of space tourism.
the company plans to build the Commercial Space Station that provides tourism services for travelers from the class ‘jet set’ and the place of vacation for the International Space Station officer and the workers or scientists working in space.

Indeed, it seems an ambitious project would not materialize in the near future. The company plans to launch a new space station that consists of seven rooms in 2016, but the plan may be developed or reduced depending on customer demand.

In addition there is one problem. RKK Energia, the Russian government-owned company which was appointed as contractor to build the station, not yet clear whether they have sufficient funds to run the project. Read more

Google Street View

Since its launch in May 2007, Google has expanded its Street View service, ranging from big cities in the U.S. and then moved on to countries around the world. Now, Google Street View comes to Brazil, Ireland and even to Antartika.Google Street View Latest adding street-level display of images for Google Maps. Move the icon of ‘yellow’ in the left top of Google Maps on any part of the map, and areas of the map will change to blue if the images from Street View already exists. It is quoted from Mashable, Saturday (02/10/2010). Today through their blog, Google announced that the pictures from Google Street View available for the entire continent on Earth. Now anyone can view images from various places around the world, ranging from the coldest to the hottest place. “We often see Street View as a way to show you what the condition of a place, as you’ve been there before. Whether it’s whether you’re check out a coffee-shop in the city or are planning to travel around the earth. We hope that these new images will help the people in Ireland, Brazil, and people around the world to learn the location of a place, “wrote Google in the users. If blog hoping to see a visual whole continent of Antarctica, so they are less fortunate. Because the features of Google Street View to Antarctica only covers a small area called Half Moon Island. If the user drag the ‘yellow’ in Google Maps around Antarctica, they will see a blue dot. This is not a Google Street View that actually, but the photos are on-submit by user. When launch, Google has added a 360-degree panoramic-view in many places it around the world

Posting With WordPress For BlackBerry®

Cara Posting Blog Melalui BlackBerry

Bagi anda yang punya blog dan ingintetap uptodate blognya, berikut ini cara update blog melalui blackberry, misalnya untuk dapat mengupdate blog saya yangg ada di http://dedekurniadi.com, ada beberapa langkah yang harus dipersiapkan, berikut ini langkah-langkahnya:

1. Login ke blog anda
kemudian masuk ke menu “Setting–>Writing” kemudian pada bagian Remote Publishing beri tanda cek box/cek list kotak “XML-RPC” ini berfungsi untuk memberikan hak akses blog anda via perangkat BlackBerry anda. Read more