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Toshiba 3D TV Regza WL700

Toshiba launches Toshiba 3D TV series called REGZA WL700 with LED backlight. TV is available in sizes 46 “and 55”.

Ryo Pradeep Lisanggono, Product Supervisor PT. Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia, saying that TV has technologies that no other brand on 3D TV.

“We have a 3D resolution +, we have intelligent 3D, then there is the clear screen 200 Pro. That’s the advantage we are not owned by other brands,” said Ryo, the launch of REGZA WL700, Wednesday (2 / 3) in F-Cone, FX Mall, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Jakarta.

Resolution + that uses a “complex algorithms” to improve the quality standard picture into a picture that approaches HD quality for both 2D and 3D. “ClearScan 200 Pro” allows WL700 series to make the picture bright, clean and free from motion blur.

According to Ryo, WL 700 series is designed to help save electricity energy usage. Features “Auto View” can monitor the room light level and then allows the TV to adjust the level of light they produce along with other image parameters simultaneously. It also features an ongoing basis to analyze the lightness and darkness of an image to produce the maximum contrast level. Read more