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Zachman vs TOGAF

Based on survey results from various sources obtained three most commonly used framework is the Zachman, TOGAF and products the organization itself. Here is the comparison between two kinds of frameworks that are often used

Excellence Zachman Framework:
1. Is the de-facto standard for classifying artifacts Enterprise architecture
2. Logical structure for the analysis and presentation of artifacts from a management perspective
3. Describes in parallel both in terms of engineering that is very understandable and construction paradigm
4. Known widely as a management tool for check the completeness and maturity level of architecture Read more

Did you know about COBIT?

COBIT is a methodology that provides the basic framework in creating an IT organization that suits your needs. COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology)goal is to provide a basic model that allows the development of clear rules and good practice in controlling information within an organization / company in achieving its goals. COBIT is a framework for building an IT Governance. With reference to the COBIT framework, an organization should be able to implement IT governance in achieving its objectives. IT governance integrates optimal ways of planning and organizing, implementation, support and performance monitoring of IT processes. COBIT framework consists of 34 high-level control objective, in which each IT processes grouped into four major domains, namely: Read more