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Nokia Siemens Networks Help Mobile Smart Faster

Tests by Nokia Siemens Networks demonstrate the latest iPhone software supports “Network Controlled Fast Dormancy.” This feature makes the network and handset to work together to create the best conditions for a smart phone can work fast, but has a long battery life and reduce network congestion.

“Network Controlled Fast Dormancy” is also supported by the release of the latest mobile broadband software from Nokia Siemens Networks (RU20). Tests indicate that both releases are compatible.

“Network Controlled Fast Dormancy” very helpful in overcoming network bottlenecks caused by smart phones. The problem lies in the amount of signaling generated by the smart phone, up to 8 times signaling a laptop that uses a dongle.

When not in use for some time, the smart phone will go into a state of “idle.” To ‘wake up’ re needed cell phone about 30 exchanges signals with the mobile network until it can be used.

This signaling takes time, up to 2 seconds. To avoid delays that make users frustrated, some mobile phone networks to keep it fixed in the current mode to reduce response time.

But this makes the battery-intensive, so that handset manufacturers to develop software that returns Fast Dormancy smart phone into a state of “idle” in which economical battery very quickly. Read more